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Sugar was an extremely emaciated and very ill boxer when she arrived at Miami Dade Animal Services (MDAS).  Because she was found as a stray, she was forced to wait out a procedural seven-day hold period before an adopter or rescue could claim her.  She lay in her kennel run at the shelter for five days without proper care, not eating,  and eventually going into organ failure before MDAS allowed CBR to claim her.

We didn’t think Sugar would survive the drive from Miami to our vet’s office in Boca Raton, but she did.  Despite severe weakness, she even managed to wag her tail when we pat her head.  CBR carried her into the vet’s office where she received around-the-clock care, including a blood transfusion and IV fluids.  She lasted 24 hours in our care before she passed away due to kidney failure.

Her death brought attention to MDAS’s  lack of adequate medical care and sensible procedures. We feel that Sugar  may have been saved had MDAS officials contacted CBR when Sugar arrived at their facility, instead of waiting five days.

Sugar’s Legacy Fund was established to help other CBR critical care boxers. When CBR receives extreme cases of abuse or neglect, we struggle to cover medical expenses for such cases.  Sugar’s Legacy Fund is dedicated to help CBR provide care and treatment to dogs like Sugar. Please donate to Sugar's Legacy Fund by using the PayPal link to the right.


Established September 2012


Critical Care Boxers

Frequently, Coastal Boxer Rescue takes in boxers that require special medical attention. These boxers are usually obtained from an animal shelter; removed from a situation that may result in euthanization. It is our mission to provide good homes for these boxers. Our adoption fees will not cover all pet meds and medical expenses, so please refer to this page for information regarding our special donation drives for specific dogs. Please consider donating any sum. Thank you!


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