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Coastal Boxer Rescue of Florida, Inc. is a not for profit organization dedicated to rescuing abused, abandoned and neglected boxers and securing them forever homes.  Our organization was founded in 2005 by volunteers that are paid only through the unconditional love from the dogs that we save! We do not have a central shelter or location; all of our dogs are housed with the dedicated foster homes of CBR.   We are fully dedicated to the successful rehoming of boxers.

Throughout the United States, there are hundreds of pet rescues for every dog breed, run by dedicated volunteers. These volunteer groups go through incredible coordination efforts to recue pure and mix breed dogs from over-crowded shelters and other unfortunate situations. Please spread the word about rescuing a homeless pet until there are no dogs left in shelters or being destroyed because of the over-population of pets.

In combination with other Florida boxer rescue groups, over 400 boxers are rescued and are provided loving homes annually. Coastal Boxer Rescue cares for more than 100 boxers each year and.  Dogs are accepted into our organization in numerous ways: 

  • CBR receives calls every day from people that are ready, for one reason or another, to give up their boxers.  We post some of these dogs to our Owner Surrender page, others are taken in by our organization and placed with a foster family.
  • We take in boxers from local shelters so that we can provide proper care and a more focused attention to finding homes for the boxer breed
  • We coordinate with other rescues to ensure an all encompassing approach to rescuing homeless pets across the state.
  • We have also accepted stray boxers,  boxers from inexperienced breeders,  pet hoarders, and other situations.  Our dogs have even been featured on Animal Planet’s Miami Animal Police television show.

If you would like to volunteer or help support our cause financially, please visit the ‘How to Help CBR’ page by selecting the link to the left.   Thank you for visiting our site and considering adopting one of our homeless pups.   

Coastal Boxer Rescue of Florida, Officers and Directors

President – Melissa Mierzwa
Vice President – Open
Secretary – Laurie Richardson
Treasurer – Lisa Emig
Director – Christina Dailey
Director – Open
Director – Open
Director – Open
Director – Open

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