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Rescue Stories


A year ago my wife and I made the decision to add another member to our family.  After a lot of research and discussion, we decided to adopt through Costal Boxer Rescue.  Within a week, we had welcomed Hattie into our home, and our Hattie girl has had an impact ever since.  Hattie is an amazing girl, full of love and compassion. The scar that runs down her back is the single piece of evidence of a past full of difficulty and mistreatment.  Hattie’s love and protection for her family is unquestioned.   She has grown from simply accepting our presence and our home, to a loving member of the family and the protector of her home and her family.  When we made the decision to adopt Hattie we had no idea that she would be rescuing us.  Hattie has truly left a mark on our hearts and our family.  Her “wiggle dance” and her licks when we walk in the door is all the evidence we need to know that Hattie has accepted us as her family.  We are thankful for the work done by Costal Boxer Rescue and all the families who foster these loving dogs.   My wife and I have been tremendously blessed.   Our year with Hattie has gone by so quickly, and has provided us with so many memories that we can vaguely recall our lives without her.

We can’t thank CBR and the all the foster families enough.  Jennifer and I realize that there have been a number of people involved in creating a good life for Hattie and helping us to find her.  We would be happy to provide you with any updates and stories about her new life.

Thanks again,

 Jennifer, Michael, and Hattie


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Clover - UPDATE

CLOVER HAS EARNED HER CERTIFICATION AS A THERAPY DOG!! That's right, Clover, A CBR Alumni is certified therapy dog. Clover helps her owner, Linda, with many of Linda's patients, especially, the senior citizens. Clover is extremely well loved!! And Clover shows her love by giving great big Boxer Kissses to all of the patients!! Photos below show Clover wearing her official Therapy Dog bandana and Clover with Linda's patients.

Clover's Rescue Story: Hi Everybody, Clover here. I am a very lucky boxer! Early in my life, I did not think anyone loved me - My original family couldn't care for me and I ended up in a shelter. Luckily, the great volunteers with Coastal Boxer Rescue pulled me from the shelter and put me in a foster home with three other boxers. Shortly after, my new family adopted me! Now I get to run around my own house and yard and get all the attention in the world. My parents are so great. They play with me, take me on long walks and let me play with other dogs. “Auntie" Ileen, a CBR volunteer who helped with my adoption, came to visit me in my new home and she was super nice. I made sure to give her lost of boxer kisses. I love to give boxer kisses to everyone. I also like to wiggle my whole bum when I get excited. I am so glad that I came to live here with my new mom and dad.  I am one happy girl now.  The volunteers at CBR found me a great home; they are the best!!!

Love, Clover the Therapy Dog


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Hi! I'm Bowzer! My story with Coastal Boxer Rescue started when my previous owners brought me to Miami Dade Animal Control. The nice people at Coastal Boxer Rescue did everything in their power to get me out of that place and into one I could call my own. My future mommy saw their post on Facebook and knew that there was something special about me! She was originally going to just be my foster mommy on account of she already had three other dogs, but after a few days I went from being a visitor to a member of the family. I have a brother and sister that are boxers just like me! and a brother that is a Golden Retriever. We love each other very much and love to give each other kissies! My daddy takes me on walks and my favorite: car rides!! My mommy's mom ( or mommy number 2) always sneaks me a taste of her yummy cooking! I love my new family and I owe it all to Coastal Boxer Rescue! Technically, my family saved me, but I also know that in a way, I saved them too! I want to share my story because I want to encourage other nice people to adopt dogs like me! One last thing!! Please don't judge us on our age! I am 8 yrs old, but as you can see I am one cool dude!

On behalf of the DeGraaf family, we owe so much to Coastal Boxer Rescue for blessing us with Bowzer. What you guys do for these dogs is incredible!! God bless!!

Sincerely, Ken, Gerri, and Nikki DeGraaf


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We adopted Arnold one year ago after falling in love with his mugshot which was featured on CBR's web site.  He and his two siblings were rescued at 6 weeks by CBR and nursed  back to health after their owners failed to provide adequate health care to them.

We had been planning on adopting another boxer as a companion for our other adopted boxer, Molly, and Arnold has been the perfect fit, the two are inseparable and have a lot of fun together.  Arnold has the sweetest disposition, basically just a happy boy and we are so fortunate to have had the opportunity to adopt him from CBR. Thanks for all your good work,

The Perrys


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We adopted Ace almost 3 years ago from CBR.  We filled out the adoption application and received a call on a Tuesday night from your organization saying that a boxer was just brought to Animal Care and Control.  Animal Control was going to put him to sleep on Thursday if no one picked him up because he had a bad leg and it may be a result of cancer.  Having just  put our dog to sleep as a result of cancer we were skeptical.  CBR asked us if  we could at least foster him so he would not be put to sleep until he could get a medical exam to see what was wrong with his leg.  We picked Ace up  the next day and brought him home.  Ace was well under weight, missing a lot  of hair and only using 3 legs.
The next day brought Ace to the vet to get x-rays to see what was wrong with his leg.  The x-rays showed an old bone fracture that was never put in a cast or taken care of at all and the bone fused itself back together.  The result of possibly being hit by a car or truck.  There was no sign of  cancer in the bone.  The only noticeable thing was one of his rear legs was shorter and had less muscle than the other.  Once we found out that Ace was cancer free we went ahead and adopted him.
Ace adapted well to our family which included 2 small children.  Ace is now 70 lbs of muscle and with the daily use of Dasuquin, uses all 4 legs now. Ace gets very anxious when we leave the house, so he stays in his crate when he is home alone.  Ace now enjoys lounging around the house or by the pool eating his bones and making sure any free hand is petting him.  We are fortunate to have been able to save his life and appreciate what your organization does.

The Hoffman Family


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Hello Ya'll,
As many of you know, my name is Hercules and my inner strength is legendary.  I was saved in Miami and Coastal Boxer Rescue was notified immediately because of my poor health.  I weighed in at 46 pounds and was very lethargic.  In addition, I had ehrlichiosis from tick bites and was very weak.  The great medical staff gave me an emergency blood transfusion and every opportunity to survive.  The results weren't looking too good, but I knew I was suppose to have a better life than this.  I fought for life every day and started to gain weight.  Miko, my foster mom, took wonderful care of me and loved me back to health.  She was instrumental in the recovery phase and securing a forever home family for me.
Now I am a tough, heavy weight champion again.  I am a solid 78 pounds and have forgotten those dark days.  My life is fantastic and consists of sleeping in, eating whenever I want, running in and out of the house and taking multiple naps on one of my four beds.  I also get treats from the parents and get 'extras' from my 16 month old skin brother, since he likes to push food off the table.  We are pals and play outside in the yard at least twice a day.  My dad keeps me in fighting shape and I occasionally let him win a match, but I am king.  Every evening my mom takes me for a walk and I always get compliments from all the neighbors of how good I look.  (Oh yeah, we drag my skin brother along and he gets a few smiles too.)  Life is good!
This is the life I was meant to live and wouldn't have this 2nd chance if it weren't for all my fans and heros that supported me financially and with the outpouring of their hearts. 
Thank you all and to Coastal Boxer Rescue.
I love Ya'll always!

Hercules, the tough life fighting boxer


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Adopting Simba from CBR was an exciting, emotional experience. Our application, initial contact and home visit came very quickly. Every question we had always answered. We could have viewed a few boxers but we didn't. We only looked at Simba. He chose us. Bad case of oozing demodex, bald and skinny, Simba still body hugged me. He wouldn't let us leave. Simba needed us. That was that.

Simba came as a stray, running the streets of Miami. There really wasn't a history on him. We learned along the way what his issues were. Simba was a 2-yr. old leg lifter, a shredder, a mouther, a jumper, nervous, extremely rough with some food aggression. He was terrified of the stairs, the garage and SUV. Walking him became a serious battle as he would pull and fight us. Simba was testing us, learning to trust us and us him. Surprisingly, he came to love our female American Bulldog. Even sweeter with our4-yr. old daughter which made me think he had been around kids.

We've had Simba for 3 months now. His coat has grown in handsomely - a solid muscular 75 lbs. Simba has conquered his fears of the steps. He hops in the SUV no probs prancing thru the garage. Marking the house has stopped along with his crazy leash habits. Simba has greatly improved calming himself down and playing nicer outside. The mouthing has practically disappeared. The last thing he sampled was a Christmas ornament. What a watchdog! We've had our work cut our for us with Simba. Wouldn't have it any other way. We love him lots and happy we saved his life.

 The Thompsons


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"When we adopted Grace, she was 32 lbs. She saw the vet today and weighed in at 48.6 lbs. and the vet thinks she still will gain a few more! She is just a dream come true dog and we could not be happier with her. Cooper, our 98 lb male boxer, acts as though his dreams just came true! He and Grace play for hours everyday and Cooper has become a new dog. He has never played this much, especially with toys. My house looks like a gang of 2 year olds raided Toys-R-Us when I get home. Thank you, CBR!!!"



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Cody with Wheels

 At first glance you may see me as a perfectly normal boxer. I like to play. I love balls and I love to give unconditional love. What you may not realize about me is something I don’t quite know about myself, apparently I am disabled! My story is filled with many people that have cared for me.

My short life has been filled with lots of love and it is also filled with many difficult choices.  But I have been cared for by the most incredible people I could have ever asked for: Coastal Boxer Rescue.  They saw something in me that pushed them not to give up. You see, I was found on the side of the road. My feet were mangled to the point that my bones were exposed. I was dragging myself around on concrete, pavement or whatever was in front of me.  I can’t tell you if I was born this way or if I had a traumatic experience. To this day no one can tell what happened, but my back legs do not work properly and I am incontinent.

CBR  knew some difficult choices would have to be made. But everyone saw something in me, in my eyes, in my spirit, and in my courage that inspired them not to give up.  Through CBR I have finally found my forever home! Something that most people would never have thought was possible! They call me Cody with Wheels and I am a very special boxer!

Love, Cody


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